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What is Mag Drag Racing?

What is Mag Drag Racing?


Mag Drag Racing™: A Slotless Drag Racing System for Radio-Controlled Model Cars

Mag Drag Racing™ is an innovative slotless drag racing system designed for 1/24 scale radio-controlled model cars. Unlike traditional slot car racing, Mag Drag Racing™ utilizes a hidden metal wire embedded in the track, guided by a magnet on the car. This allows for a more realistic and engaging racing experience, as cars can move freely across the track without being confined to a slot.

The magnetic steering guide, that will follow the hidden metal wire on the drag strip.
Video by Mikael Madsen

Two types of Mag Drag Racing™ tracks are available: plaster and routed. Plaster tracks offer a smooth, consistent surface, while routed tracks provide a more challenging and varied terrain.

MagDragster™ cars, the vehicles used in Mag Drag Racing™, are 3D-printed and feature a full “tube” chassis design inspired by real drag cars and legendary chassis builders like Jerry Bickel and Tim McAmis. These cars are specifically crafted for professional club racing.

In contrast to traditional slot car drag racing, where only the rear wheels typically touch the track, MagDragster™ cars have all four wheels on the track, providing enhanced stability and realism.

Brushless MagDragster car (Golf Mk1 Chassis) Video by Mikael Madsen

The Mag Drag Racing™ concept and MagDragster™ cars were developed and designed by Mikael Madsen, a seasoned radio-controlled car enthusiast with over 15 years of experience in driving, modifying, and designing these vehicles.

The inspiration for Mag Drag Racing™ stems from MAGracing, a groundbreaking concept developed by Wes Raynor, a pioneer in British RC and slot car racing. MAGracing laid the foundation for the innovative slotless drag racing system that Mag Drag Racing™ embodies today.

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