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Mikael Madsen


The history behind Mikael Madsen, the inventor of the Mag Drag Racing concept and the designer of the MagDragster Cars.

Mikael Madsen started, like many other young boys, his interest in radio-controlled cars when he got his first car as a Christmas present, it was a Nikko Scirocco and a couple of years later he got a Red Nikko Turbo Panther. Then adulthood knocked on the door and the radio-controlled cars were (almost) forgotten. It wasn’t until his early twenties that his interest was rekindled when he saw a tuned and heavily modified Auldey Race-tin car for the first time in a shop in Aalborg, Denmark. The car had very wide rear wheels, shiny chrome rhims, “NOS” Capacitors installed, a nice blue shiny paintjob with pearl effect. The car was heavier, than you would expect for a toy grade car.

At that time, a world wide trend had just started with Auldey Race-tin cars, which were mini RC toy cars that could be upgraded, with many aftermarket parts that were imported from Thailand, where the trend was biggest. Many people in Denmark had started to tune them and make them go faster on a very nerdy level.

When Mikael is asked, why do you still modify Race-tin cars, the answer is; Why not?, the cars was my introduction to the DIY RC Scene and I have a lot of nostalgia with them.

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