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MagDragster FAQ

What is a MagDragster car?
A MagDragster is a radio controlled car, build for the MagRacing system (MagDragRacing)

What scale are the cars?
The cars are in 1/24 scale.

Where can I buy the cars?
The chassis and parts you can buy from my shop at Shapeways.com

Are the car ready to run?
No, you have to build it your self and buy the electronics for it.

What parts is required to make a car run?
To build a complete car, you need:
– Chassis
– Chassis Parts
– 1/24 scale body
– Wheels
– Axle
– Gears
– Screws
– King Pins
– Battery
– Receiver
– Transmitter
– Electronic Speed Controller
– (Servo)