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What is Mag Drag Racing?

Mag Drag Racing is a slotless drag racing system for radio controlled model cars in 1/24 scale. The system is similar to slot car drag racing, just without the slot.Mag Drag Racing is created for indoor home racing or club racing. The Mag Drag Racing concept and the MagDragster cars is developed and designed by […]

Racerstar 2845 Brushless Motor

Brand: Racerstar Item: 2845 Brushless Motor Waterproof Level: Splash-proof Specification: Watts: 800 KV: 5900/5000/4370/3930/3800/3100/2800/2600KV Max Voltage: 9V, 10V, 12V, 13V, 14V, 17V, 18V, 19V Max Amps: 88A, 80A, 66A, 60A, 57A, 47A, 45A, 42A IO: 5.2A, 4.3A, 3.2A, 2.4A, 2.2A, 1.9A, 1.3A, 1.2A Resistance: 0.0104, 0.0138, 0.0185, 0.0196, 0.0213, 0.0285, 0.0355, 0.0425 Max RPM: 50000 Length: […]

What is Mag Drag Racing?

New MagDragster V2 Chassis

The newest version of my MagDragster chassis, Version 2. –  – 1/24 Scale – Brushed or Brushless R/C Car. After testing my prototype and V1 version, I have learned a lot and it all comes together in this version 2 of my MagDragster. I hope you like it 🙂 This chassis is still in development. 3 […]